The Federal supply of vaccine remains limited and must be prioritized for specific groups who are at the highest risk. Riverside County is currently prioritizing first doses of vaccine for:

  • People who have been identified by known monkeypox cases as intimate or otherwise close contacts with a person diagnosed with monkeypox
  • Specific laboratory workers who directly process laboratory specimens for monkeypox testing, or healthcare professionals who work regularly in STI clinic environments directly and routinely performing monkeypox testing.
  • People who have had a bacterial sexually transmitted infection (syphilis or gonorrhea) in the last 3 months among people who identify as gay, bisexual, cisgender men who have sex with men, non-binary persons assigned male at birth who have sex with men, or transgender persons who have sex with men.
  • People who engage in transactional sex or survival sex (e.g.: sex in exchange for shelter, food, or other goods and needs)
  • People who work at a sex club, bathhouse, or sauna.

If you have monkeypox specific symptoms or are currently under isolation for monkeypox please do not attend the vaccine clinics. Once a person has monkeypox symptoms, including a rash, the monkeypox vaccine is considered to no longer be effective. If you think you have monkeypox please speak with a healthcare provider and get tested. Consistent with scarce resource allocation strategies Riverside County is temporarily postponing second doses of vaccine to maximize impact of the limited vaccine supply, in specific high risk situations (e.g.: severe immunocompromise) second doses will be made available as supply would allow.

Please continue to monitor this webpage for upcoming vaccination opportunities. Riverside County will work with our healthcare systems and directly communicate to eligible patients to provide details on how and where to access the JYNNEOS vaccine.

Considerations: Persons living with HIV or other immune-compromising conditions may be at higher risk for severe outcomes and should be a high priority for vaccination if they have exposure risk as listed above. Patients who have active MPXV rash or lesions should not be vaccinated for MPXV, instead testing should be navigated along with supportive home care, and evaluation for needed treatment.

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