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County of Riverside coronavirus information line is available by dialing 2-1-1

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Riverside County COVID-19 Cases

Toolkits (Updated 3.28.20)


A Message from the Health Department

One of the most important ways we have to combat the spread of illness like coronavirus is through education and information from reliable sources.  It’s vital that we provide science-based details about how the illness is spread, as well as updates on what health officials are doing to protect the health of residents of Riverside County.

This webpage was created to provide you with information about our preparedness activities and the latest news and updates about coronavirus and related issues from reputable sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We understand there is anxiety during uncertain times, but RUHS – PH wants you to know we are working to protect the community’s health.


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    Kim Saruwatari
    Public Health Director

         Dr. Cameron Kaiser
           Public Health Officer


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Let’s take care of our seniors

Dr. Frank Flowers; RUHS Medical Center

In the Public Health Lab with Dr. Errin Rider

COVID-19 Day 2 Day - Social Distancing Tips

COVID-19 Day 2 Day - How You Can Help

RUHS Public Health / Medical Center press conference 03.18.20

COVID-19 Day 2 Day - MOM

COVID-19 Day 2 Day - SELF-CARE

COVID-19 Guidelines for Congregations

Recomendaciones para las iglesias y creyentes

Riverside County works to ‘flatten the curve’


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