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Be safe around water this summer – and all year round

May 21, 2018

With warmer months quickly approaching, we need to remember water safety – especially when we consider the rise in drownings in Riverside County. Between January 1 to March 18, Riverside County saw 4 fatal child drownings, 10 fatal adult drownings and 2 non-fatal near drownings. These occurrences emphasize the importance any time of year of National Water Safety Month this May.


Drownings can happen anywhere water is present – from a bath tub to a pool to even something as small as a bucket of water. Two of the most important things to remember regarding water safety are to always be alert and keep both eyes on children near any type of water. Assign an adult who can swim as the designated “Water Watcher” even if there are lifeguards present. Children should never be left unattended near any water source for any period of time.


If you own a pool, have layers of protection to keep unsupervised kids out of the pool area. Have a fence around the pool, use safety covers and think about installing alarms or motion detectors near the pool gate. Gates should close on their own and open away from the pool.


Enroll your kids in swimming lessons, and have them wear appropriate life jackets. Floaties aren’t enough to keep kids from drowning.


Adults are also at risk for drowning. For the safest aquatic experience, adults should avoid consuming alcohol and certain medications as these can influence a person’s judgment, balance, and ability to swim.


Finally, if you’ve never learned, get trained in CPR, basic first aid and rescue methods. One day it could be you that saves a life.


Drowning prevention is all about attention. Keep your families safe this summer and every day!


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