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A few healthy tips for a happy Fourth of July weekend

July 03, 2018

As Riverside County residents prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July with barbecues, beach and pool fun and other outdoor activities, here’s a friendly reminder to be safe out there.

Many holiday activities take place outdoors, so rule number 1 is protect yourself against the heat.

Remember to apply plenty of sunscreen, using at least SPF 30. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water; wear a hat if possible. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, especially if you will be swimming or watching over those having fun in pools, or at the beach or lakes. Take a break from the heat every once in the while and go indoors where it is cooler.

When barbecuing, don’t let bacteria get funky with your chicken (or anything else you’re grilling). Make sure to never use the same dish or tray that carried uncooked food as a serving dish without cleaning it first in warm soapy water. Do not leave raw meat and chicken out in the heat for very long before cooking it, and always make sure your meat gets to the right minimum temperature. Steaks and roasts should be at least 145 degrees; poultry and chicken should be at least 165.

Here is a link for other safe food tips

Pools, lakes and ocean water are great places to have fun over the holiday, but keep an eye out: make sure an adult who is not drinking alcohol or can be distracted is watching the youngsters any time there’s children in or around bodies of water. Wear proper safety gear, including life vests, anytime you ride on a boat. Pay attention to the safety rules at the beach and look for an area with a lifeguard.

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Fortunately, with just a few simple tips, your mid-week holiday can be a lot safer and just as much fun. Get out there and have a great Fourth of July.