An Apple a Day

In difficult times, keep talking, walking and doing for others

July 11, 2016

Let’s face it – the last few weeks have been pretty rough. Many Americans are feeling understandably anxious about the shootings and acts of violence that have been rocking the nation.

During troubled times such as these, it’s important to monitor our own stress levels so that our bodies do not absorb the negativity that surrounds us.

Consider the following tips:

Turn off the television, especially when children are present. Allowing too much of the news of death and devastation into your life can be overwhelming. Opt for music or reading a good book instead.

Step outside and enjoy the fresh air. A brisk walk followed up by a tall glass of water will not only wash away the stress, but it will add some much needed fitness into your daily routine.

Talk it out. There is nothing wrong with hashing out some of your feelings and concerns with trusted friends and family. However, keep those conversations off of social media where others may take offense and turn the dialogue into a conflict.

Do for others. Volunteerism is a powerful tool helping those in need, but it can also do a world of good for your own feelings of self-worth. We all feel better when we are able to make a meaningful contribution to the health and happiness of others.

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