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What makes a good child care center?  

August 16, 2017 

With the big kids heading back to school, it’s time consider the care and feeding of the little ones. The good news is that Public Health’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care, or NAP SACC program is a great resource for finding the best child care for your child because of the work they do with licensed child care centers located throughout Riverside County.  

Funded by First 5 Riverside, NAP SACC provides licensed child care facilities the tools they need to enhance their menus and promote healthy eating habits and active indoor/outdoor play. 

So, what should you look for in a child care center?

  • Make sure the child care facility is licensed through the California Department of Social Services.
  • Look for a site that has been NAP SACC certified. You can tell by a NAP SACC certificate posted on the wall and a sticker in the window.
  • Review a list of NAP SACC certified sites on Simply click on the NAP SACC logo.
  • Look for a healthy menu offering fresh fruits and vegetables every day and juice offered at least once a week.  The menu should be posted for the parents to see
  • A great child care center will provide active play time and limited television use.
  • Ensure that the center promotes healthy eating and incorporates nutrition in its curriculum.
  • Finally, make sure the staff communicates well with parents on the activities their children enjoy, foods they are trying and what they are learning. 

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