Health Equity

Health Equity Committee / Riverside University Health System -- Public Health
Dedicated to the elimination of health inequities in Riverside County, the Health Equity Committee was established in 2008 to examine issues relating to the health, ethnic, linguistic and sexual minorities throughout the region. 

Challenges addressed among vulnerable populations include:  
  • Ethnic/cultural minorities
  • Sexual minorities
  • Disparities based on age                                                                                                                
  • Disparities based on disability
Since its launch, the work of the committee has broadened to address such factors as:
  • Crime
  • Stress
  • Land use
  • Predatory lending practices
  • Institutional and historic racism and homophobia
  • Other issues linked to social justice and social determinants of health
 The Health Equity Committee has remained representative of multiple disciplines, job classifications and cultural experience.          
Members focus their work on staff development, establishing agency-wide policies, committee by-laws and objectives.

For more information on the Health Equity Committee and its activities, contact Epidemiology and Program Evaluation at (951) 358-5557.




 Improving Health for All -- a department-wide training series

The goal of this innovative training series is to build a public health workforce able to address health inequities and the social     determinants of health. It is designed to increase staff awareness and knowledge in the discipline of Public Health, health disparities and the elimination of health inequities and to create learning activities that foster a deep understanding of the social determinants of health and build a commitment to eliminate health inequities in our diverse population.